The BBQ Society prides itself in the fact that we are focused on the theme “Random Acts of Kindness”.  For many years we have been focused on charitable events that promote fun with BBQ while giving back to others in our communities.  Here is information on our two (2) annual charitable events.


This event is held on November 2, 2019 in partnership with the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, IA.  There is always a lot to do to get ready for the day and we look forward to getting together for a fun filled day with the children.

This year we have chosen to work with the “Children & Family Urban Movement Group”.  25 Children were selected to participate in this year’s event.  Every year our day starts at about 9 AM and goes to 4 PM with events such as:

Animal Presentations
Special speakers from the Iowa State Meat Lab
Zoo Scavenger Hunt
BBQ Grilling Competition with Judging
Cake Decorating Competition with Judging
Awards Ceremony
Group Photo & Snacks

In order to make this year event a success the Iowa BBQ Society partners with its members and local businesses to provide all the things needed for this event.  One special thing about the event is that the children get to take home the grill and grilling utensils they used in the competition part of the days event.

One very special thing about the event; is that the children get to take home the grill and grilling utensils they used in the competition part of the day to use and share with their families.


Iowa BBQ Society Cares

For many years this program was called “Food & Clothing Give Away”. This annual event was usually held in December in the Des Moines metro area and the BBQ Society partnered with its members and others to donate items to needy families along with Christmas Trees & Lights. As all good things they generally run their course. Still in the spirit of giving, the BBQ Society Board in 2016 decided it needed to reach out further across our state to help more of those in need.

So the name was changed and the giving is now state wide. Each year the BBQ Society chooses two (2) cities/communities that need help either rebuilding after a natural disaster or have a genuine need for help with children & families, shelters or area agencies that are severely underfunded. All year we talk to members, and watch around our state to find those who genuinely need our help.

The BBQ Society has set a $500.00 limit for each city/community.   Once those cities/communities have been chosen and those city programs have been discussed, the BBQ Society designates where the money is to be used and where it will do the most good.   The members of the BBQ Society board make a trip to those cities/communities and present those programs with our donations.





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