Executive Board



Executive Board 

President: Kevin Brown
Vice-President: Trent Vanderheiden
Secretary: Paula Kettlesen
Treasurer: Joe Osbrink

Membership Representatives
Lyn Burks
Kyle Johnson
Michael Givens
Dusty Ware
Eric Nielsen

If you would like to contact any of our board members personally, please email any questions of issues to: iabbqsociety@gmail.com OR if you would like speak to them personally here is their phone information:


Kevin Brown: 515.402.5520

Trent Vanderheiden: 515.599.9011

Rande Galle: 319.610.8866

Kyle Johnson: 641.660.5640

Lyn Burks: 515.291.3836

Joe Osbrink: 515.343.4342

Mike Givens: 319.774.8500



Board Members/Representatives are elected to serve a 2 year term.  Each year, by attrition, board members are replaced by other membership volunteers when there term is finished.


Any Iowa BBQ Society member who is interested in replacing a board member at the end of their scheduled term are encouraged to send in a personal Bio’s along with their picture to the executive board no later than November 15th each year.


If the board receives many Bios from which to choose, those Bio’s are then sent to the full membership for voting.  Once new board members have been elected, their 2 year term starts in January at the Annual Banquet.

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