Iron Skillet Contest!!!

How it works!

The Iron Skillet Contest is designed to test one’s cooking ability.  This Competition is open to the public and is limited to 6 Cooks/Teams.

Each Cook/Team will be given the same three secret food substances:  one Protein; one Vegetable; and one Fruit.  Each Cook/Team will have 2 hours to create a dish for 4-6 judges.  Each Dish will be judged on taste, appearance/presentation, and creativity.

Each Cook/Team will be responsible to provide their own grill, preparation equipment, food pairings, and spices.

No Cook Books / Recipe Cards will be allowed to be brought in nor will any Cook or Team member will be allowed to leave after the three secret food substances have been handed out.


This contest is open to the public limited to the first 6 Cooks/Teams.  Entry fee:  $45.00


Friday, June 21st with set-up beginning at 4pm and cooking from 5:15pm to 7:15pm.  Cooks meeting will be held at 5pm.  Turn-in, judging, and awards presentation will commence following the cooking period.


Cooking will be done in designated area only.


Cooks/Teams will be competing for an Iron Skillet Trophy and a $100 Gift Certificate.


Noon Thursday, June 20, 2013.  First come, first served.

Entry Form:

Iron Skillet Competition Entry Form