Backyard Tournament of Champions

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The Iowa Barbeque Society Presents:

Backyard Tournament of Champions

 The Iowa Barbeque Society is proud to present a series of BBQ contests geared to the backyard chefs of Iowa.  Contests will be held in four regional locations to encourage cooks from across the state to bring their skills and talent to the judges table.

Cooks will gather to cook three categories: pork (any loin cut), beef (any sirloin or chuck cut), & chicken.  Cooking will begin at a set time and judging times will be determined based on the start of the cook.  Judging will be blind and NO garnish or any other items can be turned in besides the meat.

Some other important notes:

Any kind of cooker can be used. (No electricity will be provided.)

Entry fee is $50 per cooking team.

Trophies and cash awards will be given out.

Category winners at the four regional contests will be invited to cook at the championship event in Marshalltown in October!

Meat can’t be altered until inspection on the day of the event.

Setup the night before the event is not allowed.


List of events:

Skunk Valley BBQ, June 14th, Cambridge, Iowa

Back Home To Mayberry BBQ Contest, July 3rd, Whiting, Iowa

Humboldt County Fair Cookout Contest, July 26th, Humboldt, Iowa

Muscatine County Fair BBQ Blast, September 20, West Liberty, Iowa

CHAMPIONSHIP CONTEST:  Back to Back to the Park in Marshalltown in October


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