Senior Q 2013, Iowa Style

IMG_1151A project that originated in Iowa, designated as “Senior Q”, has just completed its ninth straight year at Sunnyview Care Facility, in Ankeny, Iowa. Sunnyview is an adult care live in facility, established to assist those in need of care in the later stages of life. They house approximately 100 residents, and have a very professional and caring staff.

Once again, the event was an amazing success. This years project was on October 20th.

This year, as in years past, members of the Iowa BBQ Society gathered bright and early to begin preparation for the days activities. Over 15 volunteers showed up to help with the event. Its a big deal to the Society, and its a big deal to the residents of Sunnyview. Family members and residents were invited to share in something from the past, a day of bbq. And what better people to provide it than the Iowa BBQ Society. An estimated 3-400 people showed up to participate, and enjoy some of the best bbq the state has to offer. In fact, it may even be THE best in the nation. The head cooks, Shad and Darren of Smokey D’s BBQ, have won some of the largest bbq competitions in the Nation. Hawgeyes BBQ was also on hand to assist. Volunteers drove as far 4 hours to help out. Everyone had the same goal in mind, to reinforce the fact that our senior citizens are still important to us. We were able to accomplish this goal. Comments like “I haven’t seen him eat this much since hes’ been here”, and “we can’t tell you how much this means to her”, were common. The spread of food was amazing, with beef, pork, chicken, hot dogs, sides, desserts, and beverages. And, it was all free. Special thanks to the Sunnyview staff, and the volunteers who showed up from the Iowa BBQ Society. They were Arden, Alicia, Bob, Andy, Bret, Mike, BJ, Fred, Marilyn, Tom, Shad, Darren, Rick, Mike, and Anne. People like this are the backbone of the BBQ Society.

Senior Q has spread across the nation over the past 9 years. Thousands of Seniors have been treated to a bbq through various projects and organizations. More important, they have been treated to some recognition and attention. If you want to find out more about senior q, just google it, its now a part of history, and will continue to be a part of the future.

by: Mike Tucker

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